Chics at the chicks

2022 Chics @ the Chicks postponed until October/November 2022. Dates yet to be confirmed


8TH -10TH APRIL 2021

WOW! What a amazing event!

Thank you for all the amazing ladies to entered and the amazing skippers who kept everyone safe and on the spots!

Here are the results!

Longest Released Snapper

1stStephanie Brown69.5cm
2ndHaley McCullough65.0cm
3rdAlana Mennell64.5cm

Longest Released Kingfish

1stEmma Beose108cm
2ndLynette Mathews102.5cm
3rdAimee Spinley102.0cm

Longest Released Kahawai

1stNatalie Parsons57.5cm
2ndMelanie Dawes57.5cm
3rdKylie Parsons57.0cm

Longest Release Trevally

1stJackie McCullough65.0cm
2ndAimee Spinley58.0cm
3rdRachel Rogers48.5cm

Longest Release John Dory

1stVanessa Martinovich51.5cm
2ndOlivia McKay50.0cm
3rdSue McKay47.0cm

Ultimate Angler

1stHeather Martinovich2675 points
2ndAimee Spinley2625 points
3rdVanessa Martinovich2445 points
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