Game Fish Club Rules & Point System

Marsden Cove Game Fishing categories:

  • Leading Boat Point
  • Leading Angler Points
  • Heaviest Striped Marlin
  • Heaviest Blue/Black Marlin or Sword Fish
  • First Billfish for the season
  • Heaviest Tuna
  • Heaviest Mahimahi or Shortbill
  • IGFA points for Single fish
  • Boat with the most Billfish catches

Club Game Fishing Rules and point system:

All IGFA Rules apply!

  • Any tagged Billfish is 200 points
  • 1 point per KG for any weighed Billfish – Must be 90kgs or over.
  • 1 point per KG for Tuna – Must be 7kgs or over.
  • 40 Points per tagged Tuna –  Albacore & Skipjack are not counted for tagging.
  • 1 point per KG for Mahimahi and Shortbill – Must be 5kgs or over.
  • 40 points for a tagged Shortbill
  • 10 points for a tagged Shark – Mako, Blue, Thrasher & Hammer Head only

Send your photos of your tagged cards and official weigh boards to or ro be added to the Leader Board!

Trophies for 1st place in Categories Only.

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