Game Fish Club Leader Board, Rules & Point System

Marsden Cove Game Fishing categories:

  • Leading Boat Point
  • Leading Angler Points
  • Heaviest Striped Marlin
  • Heaviest Blue/Black Marlin or Sword Fish
  • First Billfish for the season
  • Heaviest Tuna
  • Heaviest Mahimahi or Shortbill
  • IGFA points for Single fish
  • Boat with the most Billfish catches

Club Game Fishing Rules and point system:

All IGFA Rules apply!

  • Any tagged Billfish is 200 points
  • 1 point per KG for any weighed Billfish – Must be 90kgs or over.
  • 1 point per KG for Tuna – Must be 7kgs or over.
  • 40 Points per tagged Tuna –  Albacore & Skipjack are not counted for tagging.
  • 1 point per KG for Mahimahi and Shortbill – Must be 5kgs or over.
  • 40 points for a tagged Shortbill
  • 10 points for a tagged Shark – Mako, Blue, Thrasher & Hammer Head only

Send your photos of your tagged cards and official weigh boards to or ro be added to the Leader Board!

Trophies for 1st place in Categories Only.

Akarana Timbers 2020 Game Fish Leader Board

McCullough Family Cup

Leading Boat Points

Tuck Family Trophy

Leading Angler Points

Perkinson Family Trophy

Boat with most Billfish Captures

1st: Obsession – 440
2nd: Mirage – 400
3rd: Sumo – 400
4th: Marcus II – 279.10
5th: Thirsty Work – 222.8
1st: Sean McCully – 400
2nd: Steve Martinovich – 400
3rd: Chris Stapleton – 222.8
4th: Jackie McCullough – 219.6
5th: 4 Anglers – 200
1st: Obsession – 2
2nd:Mirage – 2
3rd: Sumo – 2
4th:6 Boats – 1
Adams Family Trophy

IGFA Points for a single Angler

McCully Family Cup

Pin Fish Heaviest Blue/Black Marlin or Swordfish Angler

Hopper Family Cup

Pin Fish Heaviest Striped Marlin Angler

1st: Chris Stapleton – 602.16
2nd: Ian Gould – 260.81
1st: Chris Stapleton – 222.8kg
1st:Ian Gould – 96.5kg
2nd: Alan Milton – 90.8kg
O’Brien Family Cup

Pin Fish Heaviest Tuna Angler

O’Brien family Cup

Pin Fish Heaviest Mahimahi/Short Bill Spearfish Angler

1st: Paul Goodwin – 45.6kg
2nd: Martin Clark – 38.7kg
3rd: Paul Goodwin – 25.74kg
1st: Aaron Furlong – 14.6kg
Marsden Cove Fishing Club Trophy

First Bill Fish for Season

Marsden Cove Fishing Club Trophy

Heaviest Game Fish by a JUNIOR

Boat Name: Flatline
Angler: Ian Gould
1st: Nate Adams Y/F 21kg
2nd: Aaron Furlong S/B 14.6kg

Club Fish Tallys

SpeciesWeighedT & RTotal
Striped Marlin151631
Blue Marlin22
Black Marlin
Yellowfin Tuna/Big Eye10212
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