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For fish to be eligible for the MCFC leader board or angler of the year they must meet the following criteria:

  • The angler must be a current financial member at the time of capture.
  • The fish must be caught in accordance with any NZSFC rules or club rules and MAF regulations at the time of capture.
  • Acceptable methods of capture are line fishing (rod & reel or hand line) and spear fishing (free diving only).


Angler of the year (AOTY) is an annual contest, run from July 1st-June 30th every year.  Anglers/spearos/Juniors can weigh in fish (species as per our weighboard) on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to count for the AOTY, fish weighed any other day do not count toward AOTY points but are still eligable for the other yearly competition.

Each fish weighed will earn 100pts and 10 points per kilogram up to a maximum 8kg (maximum points for a single fish is 180pts), points are for your best fish weighed of each species during the year, so you can upgrade your points with a larger fish weighed as the season progresses. Only your best scoring fish for each species will count towards the overall total.

The highest aggregate points total for these 8 species wins the prize.

Click below link for Tally Spreadsheet.


To qualify for the overall champion you must first win your respective section  (Open Line, Junior or Spear).The highest aggregate points total over the year for the 5 common species (Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai, Trevally,John Dory) will be awarded the overall champion. This prize includes not only the ultimate in bragging rights, but also a rather large cup and a check for $1000 courtesy of the extremely generous sponsorship of Marsden Cove Marina.

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