2021 Metalcraft Marlin Classic Results

2021 The Results!

2021 definitely turned it on for us thats for sure! What an awesome event we had with 2 days of great weather and 1 day with weather that was not ideal to say the least but everyone got out there and made the most of what we were dealt with.

We had a total of 66 boats and 197 anglers to sell out this yearly competition.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially all our AMAZING Sponsors (listed below), volunteer committee members, bar staff and helpers, it would not have been possible without you all.

Keep an eye out for competition details on our Facebook pages and website for next years event!

2021 Competition Tally:

12x Striped Marlin T&R, 8x  Striped Marlin Landed, 2x Big Eye Tuna, 15x Shark T&R, 18x Kingfish T&R, 16x Kingfish Landed.

Heaviest Marlin

1stNeville Draffin160.4kg Blue
2ndConrad Willis100.80kg Striped
3rdWayne Adkins94.2kg Striped
4thDoug Lambert90.8kg Striped

Most T&R Marlin

1stNeville Draffin2
2ndSean McCully2
3rdSteve Martinovich2
4thRon Inkster1
5thJackie McCullough1
6thBrody Campbell1
7thDylan Oxbourough1
8thTom Hatfull1

Shark T&R Points

1stNicola Telfer90

Heaviest Tuna

1stAaron StenbeckBig Eye Tuna26.8kg
2ndEve LawrenceBig Eye Tuna23.4kg
3rdLucas Grinter (J)Skipjack Tuna5.6kg

Heaviest Kingfish

1stAarron McCullough14kg
2ndHeather Martinovich11kg

Longest Kingfish

1stHaley McCullough107kg
2ndJosh New102kg

Overall Teams

1stBlack Jack 2557.48

Junior Points

1stAarron Furlong103.4
2ndHeather Martinovich17.6
3rdMegan Read

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