Junior Club

The club proudly runs Fishy Kids Sunday over the summer for its junior members. The kids fish on the jetties in front of the club, competing for the longest fish

PRIZES, a lolly scramble, free food and refreshments for the kids

Check back in later in the year for next summer’s dates and times.

  • An adult must attend with their junior(s). Bring along your own rods and bait.
  • Juniors must sign in with the duty club member before commencing fishing.
  • Life jackets advised for any child that cannot swim.
  • Junior with the longest fish wins.

Winning juniors will be awarded the trophy for the week, and a certificate. Only winning members are able to take the trophy’s home for the week (non members must leave the trophy at the clubrooms).  That family is then responsible for insuring the trophy is handed back to either the clubroom or club committee member prior to next Fishy Kids Sunday.

Junior members are free and non members children (12 years and under) are most welcome. Please pay $2.00 when you sign in.

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